hey guys. just wanted to say about Steves statement a while ago that i totally understand where he's coming from and i agree with him. i personnaly think your old music and newer music are equally great. I havent seen you live since about 2009 and was just wondering if you play any shows again weather you'll play any of the old classics or just your new stuff? cheers!

Thanks mate means alot, When we play live we play a mix of old songs but more newer stuff

I've been listening to you guys since I was 14 <3 I'm 19 now. And I've been trying to get you guys to fucking reply to me. Get off hiatus and come back to the fucking states. ;D

If we come off of hiatus then we will deffo tour the states again! we love it over there! So if we do then come and party with us yeah?

So gutted I missed you guys in Reading! I do photos at that venue every now and then so maybe see you next time eh!

Haha yeah maybe! If we come off of hiatus hopefully we can play there again!


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2coldregan and Neilhayward

Neil did an interview for a Polish metal website.
I had sex while bumping your music. Fucking intense. By the way, I have never seen you guys live and have been a fan for years. When the hell are you coming to Seattle Washington?

hahahaha amazing. When we come off of hiatus we will probably do another US tour again

You guys are fucking sick!

Thank you kindly!

You Guys are such a massive influence on my bands ethics and style, so much respect.

Thanks mate! Means a lot to us!



So were playing in Sweden with Crowbar, Trapped under ice and H20.

So were playing in Sweden with Crowbar, Trapped under ice and H20.

You guys have so much talent and you are my inspiration. Keep doing what your doing! Hopefully you guys can come to san diego some time.

Thanks man! Hopefully we can get back over to the US really soon!

Real talk.

Real talk.